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Caribbean Scuba resort

Scuba Diving resort In The Caribbean

caribbean scuba diving rankingsJJ Divers Provides  excellent accommodations for your dive trip. Windward passage is the closest villa to our boat dock! You can access the boat in seconds, the windward is set up to accommodate Caribbean SCUBA divers.

World renowned for its excellent Scuba diving and consistently rated among the best diving and locations in the world, St Thomas is surrounded by highly accessible reefs that are in the most pristine conditions ever. This environmentally conscious island and diving industry has ensured that the reefs remain untouched from poaching and pollution. This underwater volcanic mountain, the tip of which is visible as the island has with fringe reefs right off the beach of every hotel on any part of the island.caribbean scuba diving vacations

While many travel consultants will promote their business by emphasizing the number of times they have visited a particular country or resort, few Americans have actually had the experience of working legally at any of these resorts. Now you can book your Caribbean vacation with someone that has actually worked first hand at Caribbean resorts. We also now offer instant 24 hr Caribbean vacation information, pricing, reservations, and flights right through our web sitescaribbean scuba diving calgary

The water in Cozumel is clear because of the currents around the island, and visibility is about 100 feet or more on good days. There are over 16 diving reefs, full of all kinds of marine life like nurse sharls, eels, barracudas and rays. A lot of cruisers dive st thomas consider Cozumel to be the best diving spot in the Caribbean. There really is quite a blend of landscapes in this underwater region. You will find everything from mountain pinnacles to underwater caves and drop offs that go way into the black deep.caribbean scuba diving destinations

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience is a safe, fun introduction to diving. You’ll safely explore living coral reefs in the tropical Caribbean Sea, under the direct supervision of an experienced PADI scuba instructor. You must be at least 10 years of age to participate in the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience. Learn More For students interested in jumpstarting their Open Water PADI certification before arriving in Puerto Rico, the academic portion of the course is now available online thru PADI. Learn More Fancy doing a James Bond underwater?