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Ready to Dive St Thomas Virgin Islands?

Daily 2 tank boat dives just 130$

Dive St Thomas daily with our 2 tank boat trips that are designed to cater to all your needs as we go ABOVE and BEYOND your expectations.  Our boat the “Dream Catcher”  leaves daily out of central located Pirates Cove marina at both 10 am and 2 pm, thus giving all our guests flexibility and freedom to be under the water all day!  The virgin islands are in actuality an undersea mountain diving in st thomasrange that gives us some of the most outstanding dive sites in the Caribbean.  We are spoiled year-round with near-perfect diving conditions in St Thomas as well as St John. The reason for such crystal clear waters is due to the void of any runoffs from rivers and streams we also don’t have any pollution to cloud or taint the viability of our water. What this means for you and us, is we get to dive in pristine crystal clear water with 100 to 150 feet of visibility.  Also, the water temperature here is always a WARM ranging from  78 to 87F, So there really is no need for a wet suit so feel free to leave them at home.

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Diving in St Thomas is truly the perfect location for everyone in your group from young to old! If you are new to SCUBA and just got your first PADI certification or you are a veteran diver with countless dives the water and locations here in the Virgin Islands offer a bit of something for everyone. Even if you are not yet a certified diver, you can still enjoy a day of diving with us by taking a beginner’s scuba course.  The awesome amount of sea life that we see and experience on all of our dives will truly leave you never wanting to come up.  On any of our diving trips, including Private charters and certifications you can rest assured that we will see things as turtles, pufferfish, spotted and green moray eels, massive snappers feeding on the invasive lionfish, queen and French angelfish,  eagle rays, southern pacific stingrays, triggerfish and 1St Thomas scuba 000’s of warm water tropical fish around every corner. Not to mention all of our shipwrecks that are easily accessible from the surrounding shallow reefs. No need to worry if you forget to bring your underwater camera, we will provide a professional photographer to capture all the memories of your day both in and out of the water.

One of the questions we get asked the most is “where are we going to go” unfortunately that is a really hard question to answer. depending on the weather currents, tides etc etc. We will pick out the best possible location on the morning of the dive trip. there will be weeks that we dive a new location every day;  We like to keep it  exciting and new.

We offer all our guest pick up and drop off service from the cruise ship port and all the major Resorts on the island for a nominal fee of 10$ each way.  If staying at a private home or Air BB please meet us at our marina. We are truly passionate about diving and making sure you have the best possible day while out with us.  We hope you will join us soon and dive St Thomas, come enjoy the best of the best and let us show you why we love diving in St Thomas

Dive groups of 4 or more will incur a 18% auto gratuity.

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