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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new Covid-19 restrictions in St Thomas?

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Where in St Thomas do we dive?

We dive the best side of the island EAST END! It is far away from the cruise ship crowds and Cattle boats. The east end (or the fun side) has the best chances to see sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins and so much more! Typically we change dive sites every day so its hard to promise you as our guest a certain spot … however, we do frequent Congo, tunnels and arches, Paradise reef, legends, Mingo, Coral Hill, Stevens Cay, Dog Island, Shipwreck cove, Coral bowl, Dive Flag, Turtle cove, Cow and calf, Stragglers, french cap etc  We take you to a variety of St Thomas premier sites based on the best conditions for diving each day. We look for the calmest seas, best visibility, no current and no other boats around. If you are diving with us for multiple days, our goal is to take you to different sites every day and we happily take requests.


What time are your trips?

We offer a few different two-tank boat trips a day.

If you visiting on a cruise ship or are staying here on the island in a Resort  we have an AM dive trip that leaves  at 10:00 AM returning by 1 pm AND another Noon trip that leaves around 1:30 pm

If you are coming by cruise ship we can also pick you from the cruise port at 9 AM returning by 2:00 pm

If you book a Private Charter we can arrange to pick up service at any time from 8 am -4 pm

and an afternoon 2 tank trip with pick up at 12:45 pm, returning by 5 pm.


Is Scuba Dive equipment INCLUDED in your dive rates?

The dive rates just include the dive, tanks, weights, transport, snacks, drinks, fins, mask, divemaster and our special way of interacting with our guest.    BCD and Reg’s are 10$ each per day.


Where do we Meet when coming off the cruise ship??

We have 2 cruise ports so this can be tricky, If you are coming into the WICO dock (Carnival, Princess, MSC, Disney) we meet at the smoking rooster right inside the cruise port. If your ship is coming to the crown bay (Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, X) we meet at diamonds international also right inside the port

Do you have a dive shop?

Yes!  Our new shop is located inside the havensite cruise port


How far in advance should we book?

As soon as possible! Taking such small numbers can mean we fill up quickly. As soon as you know your dates, it is best to reserve your spaces. We will work with you on the island if you need to change things around, subject to availability.


Do we need to give a deposit?

We do take a small 10% deposit to lock in your spots! We understand that sometimes plans change and we are flexible. Once you reserve with us, your spots are 100% guaranteed on our end (barring a huge storm or weather-related factors). All we ask is that you let us know as soon as you can if you need to change your booking.


Do we all come up when the first person is low on air?

No! We do a multi-level dive profile and we monitor our air consumption & no-decompression time. Those that still have air and bottom time remaining are welcome to enjoy their dive while those running low on air complete their safety stop with their divemaster and slowly ascend back to the boat.


What if we don’t have dive computers?

We do have computers for rent at a low cost of only 20$ , however, due to computers being well over 300$ we do ask that you sign a waiver stating if the computer is lost or damaged on the dive an additional amount of 100$ will be added to your invoice.


Do you offer dive packages?

Yes! The more you dive, the cheaper it becomes. It is simple! We count the number of 2 tank trips you do and give you the package price. Your dive trips don’t have to be consecutive and you can mix and match between morning and afternoon trips or do 2 x 2 tank trips in one day. They are nontransferable to other divers and start after 2 x 2 tank trips.


My spouse is a non-diver. Can they come on board and snorkel?

Non-divers are always welcome on board! Most sites here are shallow and start at 10-20 feet, perfect snorkeling depth, Good diving, and good snorkeling don’t always mix but here in St Thomas, it does! Rates do apply to snorkel guest


Does your boat have a marine head (bathroom)?

Yes! The Boat has a bathroom on board.

Are the conditions better in the morning or in the afternoon?

We are very lucky in the Caribbean to enjoy similar conditions throughout the day, making the only difference between our morning 2 tank trips and our afternoon 2 tank trips, the time of day. Some divers like to get up early and others like to sleep in so we try to accommodate everyone!


Do you dive in the rain?

YES !! OF COURSE, WE DO! We are going to get wet anyway and the best place to be when it is raining is underwater! The only time we cancel trips is when the wind and waves present unsafe conditions for us to be under the water.


What form of payment do you accept?

Our prices are all is USD and we take Visa, Master Card  and Cash


What is your cancellation policy?

We understand life happens, if you give us more than 48 hours notice there will be no charge. From 48 hours to 24 hours you will be charged 50% of the booked trip, under 24 hours you will be responsible for the full amount. This Policy is only enforced when you can control the situation. If there is bad weather, The ship is late or skips the port, Coast Guard Notices ect. you won’t be charged a dime. As long as you keep martinis the night before to a minimum we will be all set!


I am not certified but want to dive. What are my options?

We offer a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience daily for those who are not certified but would like to try diving for the first time. We offer 2 classes per day- one at 9:15 am and another at 2:15 pm. We supply all the equipment needed and it is an amazing experience!


If I complete the Discover Scuba Diving course, can I dive from the boat?

YES ~~~~~


Do you offer pick up service from the East End of the island?

We offer pickups for all our trips from your hotel for 10$! depending on the day we can’t always do drop-offs, however, there is a safari truck that will take you back to anywhere on the island for just 2$ per person

Can I dive with Enriched Air Nitrox?

Yes! We encourage all our divers to use Enriched Air Nitrox. Please let us know 24 hours beforehand and we will have it onboard for you along with the analyzer. There is an extra $12 charge per tank.


My kids are 10 and 11yr old certified JR divers. Can they do the wall dives?

JR divers who are 10 & 11 years old are limited to a maximum depth of 40ft for their safety. 12 & 13-year-old children are able to go to a max depth of 60ft. The first dive of our regularly scheduled 2 tank trip is a wall dive and it is too deep for 10 & 11-year-old kids. The best option is to do a 2 tank shallow trip if available or reserve a private charter to offer you the maximum flexibility with site selections

Where is your location?

With the amazing technology of Google maps, you can now see our location bellow



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