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Beginner Scuba Diving in St Thomas

Our Discover Scuba Diving course (also known as Beginner scuba or a resort dive ) is a 3 part experience St Thomas discover scuba dive designed for people who are not certified or have never tried St Thomas scuba diving before but would like to see what it’s all about. The St Thomas scuba diving course is safe, easy, and fun! It is not a certification course although you can go on to do repeat shallow dives under the direct supervision of your dive instructor if you catch the dive “bug”. Your Discover Scuba dive also counts towards 1 dive on the Open Water Diver certification. All our USVI diving courses are one-on-one so we take our time and work at the speed of each individual diver. It is very relaxed as there are no big groups.




The Beginner Scuba Diving course starts with some basic knowledge about USVI Islands scuba diving in st thomasdiving, followed by our first breaths underwater and skill practice in the warm, shallow Caribbean ocean. We will show and teach you how to clear your mask of water while under the water and how to recover your regulator by taking it out of your mouth and back in again. Once comfortable, we take you on a stunning shallow dive where we will swim with 1000’s of tropical fish, coral, and sponge life, turtles, sharks, and stingrays. and so much more! We do this from our boat at a national park where the conditions are like being in a swimming pool if you prefer we can also arrange a beach dive. There is also a possibility of doing a shipwreck on your first-ever scuba dive! Here in St Thomas Virgin Islands, we are spoiled with some of the best scuba sites in the Caribbean so every dive is an amazing adventure you won’t soon forget


Scuba st thomasThe cost of the course is $200 and includes – all equipment and instructor needed during the dive,  experience the underwater world at a more relaxing pace with no certification.  One-on-one instruction for every resort diver and a guided dive of a beautiful shallow reef.

Beginner scuba diving is also offered to all cruise ship passengers

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