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Lobster and Lion fish hunt

st thomas lobster hunt

The Caribbean Lobster and lionfish hunt


st thomas usvi lobster hunt


 Here on St. Thomas we are excited to offer the most unique and customizable lobstering and spearfishing tour in all of the Virgin Islands. From beginners to experts, we want to ensure you squeeze every drop of fun out of your experience with us! With our extremely knowledgeable, outgoing, and fun local crew, we know your day is bound to be extraordinary!


If you are staying on the Island you are encouraged to take your catch home for a fresh dinner or better yet Add the lobster BBQ to your private charter and we will grill our bounty right on the boat!


What to expect on the Lobster / Lionfish Hunt:

In the pristine waters surrounding St Thomas, there are lots of delicious Caribbean spiny lobsters hiding away under reef ledges and rocks. In order to catch them, you have to know where to look. From our years of experience, we know all of the best spots and look forward to sharing our secrets with you. When you go out with one of our experienced guides, you will have the best chances of catching these guys.

As for lionfish, these fish are invasive and can be found throughout warm-water ecosystems across the globe. They are highly invasive and quite delicious! We bring the equipment necessary to properly remove these fish while on our lobster dive. Not only will you be fully immersed in the excitement of catching and witnessing this rush, but you will also get to reap the benefits of eating them the Caribbean way! Photos and videos can be taken throughout your trip (both underwater and above) so you have something to share with friends and family as well! We follow all USVI regulations to ensure a jj divers mary killmanhealthy lobster habitat for years to come.


Equipment Provided for Scuba Divers = 150$

  • Regulator
  • BC’s
  • Full tank of air
  • Fins
  • Mask
  • Lobster Snare
  • lobster fishing license
  • no fish spearing will take place with this tour as to maintain our high safety standards





Customize Your Tour:


  • You are a Beginner and Would Like to Watch/Experience the Process While Snorkeling:

We will go through everything from how to wear your mask comfortably to how to assist the guide in the lobster capture. Fins, a mask, and depending on how much you would feel comfortable assisting the guide there may be more gear given to you.

  • You are a Beginner and Want to Have a Better Chance to Snare the Lobster Yourself:

We recommend you sign up for the discover scuba lesson, so we can get you as close to the lobstering experience as we can. This will allow you to get face-to-face with the lobster and we can then go into the steps on how to snare one but your instructor will have to do it for you this time.

  • You Have Experience and Can Freedive (40-50ft):

We will take you to our spots in the same way we do with no tank usage. Pure free-diving down to the ledges. We will give you a briefing on how to use the custom made snares we will be using as well. To begin, we go through a minimal screening process that will ensure we do not put you into any dangerous situations. We do this for your own safety and want to make sure the experience we are giving you is truly a memorable one.

st thomas lobster hunt

5$ per way transportation fee But much cheaper and less stressful than finding and taking a taxi.

Dive groups of 5 or more will incur a 15% auto gratuity.

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