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St Thomas Diving

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Let’s Dive St Thomas

Your guild to Scuba Diving The Virgin Islands

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St Thomas scuba diving Our Scuba St Thomas diving trips take place atop a limestone seamount in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. This idyllic location rewards us with perfect conditions year-round. Due to no runoff from rivers or streams, Scuba diving in St Thomas means we enjoy 80–100-foot underwater visibility on All our dives. Water temperatures in the range from 79F to 88F! The Virgin Islands are world-famous for their diving conditions so expect to have your socks blown off on every dive. This beautiful mountainous drop-offs and cliffs have tunnels, swim thru’s, wall drop-offs all starting at only 40 feet. The shallow reef system extends from shore and builds up to meet the edge of the spectacular wall. It’s hard to imagine but you will be diving on one of the world’s largest underwater mountain ranges in the Caribbean.

st thomas scuba

Outstanding conditions are abundant for dive students, snorkelers and the most experienced divers. The marine life that you will see on your dives is nothing short of amazing. It’s really common to  see angelfish, squid, turtles,  nurse sharks, moray eels, eagle rays, stingrays, lionfish, peacock flounders and thousands upon thousands of tropical fish on every scuba diving St Thomas trip. Unforgettable reefs so shallow they can be seen while sitting on our dive boat, there is an abundance of wrecks which have become the home to healthy coral reefs, fans, sponges and millions of sea life. There is plenty of time to take photos and explore underwater caves and ecosystems due to the safe nature of the water. Every day we choose the best sites available for St Thomas diving. Then we join you in the water on a guided tour, searching for critters to point out. You never know what might swim by!

Divers are either picked up from the cruise ship port or resorts and are whisked off to meet us at our private Dock. there is a 10$ per way transportation fee But much cheaper and less stressful than finding and taking a taxi.


dive st thomas virgin islands During the Dive

Alongside with using safety measures prior to you dive, other factors are accomplished to make sure we all stay safe while diving. The 1st issue to remember is never to dive alone. Possessing a dive buddy will make your dive much safer, as you can each keep an eye on each other. Our divemasters and instructors will be leading the dive however having a partner assigned to you is the safe way to dive,  its also a standard placed by SSI

It is important that no one touches or breaks off the reef, Reefs take 1000’s of years to grow and expand. St Thomas is no Different, The corals surrounding St Thomas are beautiful but are not to handle.

One of the essential elements of a productive scuba dive is that you are comfortable. If a usvi dive center difficulty does arise, it is important and crucial that you don’t panic and keep your wits about you.  breathe slowly, regularly, feel the situation and then act, no matter what takes place, steer clear of hurrying back to the surface as this can cause life-threatening circumstances.

Last but not least, at the finish of the dive,  make sure that you ascend (go up)  slowly and gradually, making sure to make your 3-minute safety stop at 15-10 feet to “gas off”  If you don’t you could put yourself in danger of suffering from the bends, which a condition that can cause serious disease or even loss of life.

We take the utmost respect and care while Diving St Thomas.  ST Thomas diving is Safe Fun and relaxing, these are just notes we like to bring to your attention, We value our guest and want to make make sure we have a long diving relationship with all of you !!

Dive groups of 5 or more will incur a 20% auto gratuity.



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