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Scuba Diving in St Thomas

Scuba Diving In St Thomas USVI


Scuba Diving In St Thomas If you’re cruising the Southern Caribbean , it’s time to get excited about diving and snorkeling. Some of the region’s best spots for the sport – Bonaire and Grenada spring to mind – are there, as well as lesser-known Scuba spots like St. Thomas and Aruba.scuba training st thomas

Scuba Diving In St Thomas Scuba Diving In St Thomas If you’re cruising the Southern Caribbean , it’s time to get excited about diving and snorkeling.James Byrne is the Conservancy’s Marine Science Program Manager for South Florida and the Caribbean and provides technical and scientific leadership for marine conservation initiatives in south Florida, the Florida Keys and the Caribbean. James came to the Conservancy from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. A diving instructor and Dive Safety Officer for the Conservancy, he helps set standards for the Conservancy’s scientific diving operations and also trains partner organizations in safe and effective diving practices. James is an avid surfer and is committed to conserving the fragile marine world.

If you already have a PADI Scuba Diving License (or equivalent) you can join trips for 1 or 2 offshore dives. If you would like to learn how to scuba dive or gain another certification, checkout our scuba diving courses Our Learn Spanish and Scuba Dive Program is only offered at our Spanish School in Bocas del Toro, Panama If you’re studying Spanish at our other Spanish School in Boquete’s mountains , you can come over to Bocas del Toro to scuba dive during the weekends. It’s about a 4.5 hour journey. Or you can mix it up and just come over to Bocas del Toro for some Spanish lessons! Class Schedule and when you’ll Scuba Diving In St Thomas

Scuba One Travel owner Randy Kraft began his Caribbean career as the watersports director for a Jamaican all-inclusive resorts comparable to the Couples chain in the 1980’s. With a history of working at these resorts he has been able to establish an auditing program with a number of carribean all-inclusive resorts, which provide insight dive st thomas into the workings of dive programs to resort general management. This consulting program has subsequently expanded to include a number of resorts throughout the Caribbean. Along with watersports consulting, PADI Master Instructor Randy Kraft, has worked full time in the diving industry since 1982, and is marketing worldwide dive travel.

Divers and snorkelers will enjoy the shallow dives andget to see a good variety of sea life and coral. Those willing to make alarger investment in time and money can use San Pedro as a base for daytrips to distant cayes and atolls, which offer some of thebest diving & snorkeling in all of the Caribbean. Diving around the atolls is mostlywall diving, while diving around Ambergris is spur-and-groove with somedeep canyons, swim throughs and reef cuts.

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JJ Divers provides quality St Thomas scuba diving services that are flexible, safe, and fun for everyone to enjoy, regardless of your level of experience. We also provide trips to the best virgin islands diving , private snorkeling charters , as well as private dive charters and PADI Dive instructions to help you get the most out of your diving trip to St Thomas. View our rates page and contact us for more information about our diving trips! Located in the Havensite Cruise Port, St Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802 340-473-7317