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Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography Guide

With Underwater Photography Caribbean Breeze’s  and warm waters who wouldn’t to have a career in the dive industry. We are often asked what would be a good starting position for someone that isn’t quite ready to be a dive master. The answer is underwater photographer.   It would take a student around 6 weeks to complete the certification level to help them become a full time professional underwater photographer. The greatest aspect of being a dive professional is obviously the work environment and perks of living in a tropical paradise.  What some folks dont understand is how this amazing lifestyle could possibly be a source of income. the truth is most underwater photographers are like sub contractors. The way they make a living by taking great underwater photos and videos and sell them to the divers themselves.

Now that isn’t the only way underwater photographers make a living, there are dive centers who employee underwater photographers full time, we at JJ Divers take the advantage of having an underwater photographer on all our dives. We will soon be ushering in a new downloading system on our website so that up to 6 months after our guest are back home they will still have access to those photos and videos.

Underwater Photography


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Even during our discover scuba diving lessons we will include a photographer to capture everything from setting up gear to the open water dive itself and all the fun in between. This half day PADI program introduces participants to scuba diving in a highly supervised and relaxed environment. It serves to dispel common misconceptions about scuba diving and is often the first step on the path to becoming a recreational diver. The Discover Scuba Diving program allows you to experience the under water world using scuba without getting certified. The program involves some basic theory, shallow water skills practice and an offshore dive.


December is a busy time for grand cayman, cozumel and st thomas it’s no wonder so many people want to take their Caribbean Christmas vacation to Mexico. Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park is a place of great biodiversity and the government has gone to great lengths to protect it. Divers are required to pay a $2 entry fee per day and all funds go to reef conservation  Expect to see rays, sea turtles, nurse sharks, and large sea fans. Many of the dives around Cozumel are drift dives due to strong currents.


Underwater Photography

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